“Well begun is half done!”

CAL operates on a methodology of ‘Align-Train-Track-Reward-Repeat-Grow’ and follows this up with a relentless pursuit of perfection all through!


Career Architects Limited

Operating out of Hong Kong, Career Architects is an Emerging Recruitment & Talent Management Company belonging to the Arges Global Group.

Facilitation of Higher Corporate Productivity and Profitability through Motivated Human Resources.

Human Capital is fast emerging as the most critical and strategic element for Corporate Effectiveness, Growth and Profitability. CAL believes that not only is it a pre-requisite for the Corporates to employ and deploy the right people, but it needs to nurture, develop, motivate them so that they can be harnessed most optimally and also to have high level of retention.

Smart Organizations have long realized that Monetary and Remuneration Considerations are not the only key factors to have low attrition. They place a lot of emphasis on ongoing staff feedback loop, continuous evaluation and supervisory feedback, consistent and transparent workplace fairness, training need identification and implementation, team building and bonding activities, participative, approachable and open leadership.

We closely engage with you to understand your Organizational Objectives and collaboratively work with you for achieving them.

Facilitation of Greater Sense of Involvement, Accountability and Achievement among Employees and Candidates to create Higher Self Esteem, Personal Satisfaction, Happiness and Contentment.


Career Architects Limited seeks pre-eminence in providing End-to-end Recruitment Lifecycle Management Services to clients.


Career Architects Limited strives to Emerge-Stay-Grow and become an indispensible partner in growth for Corporates.


A Relentless Pursuit of Perfection as a continual state of improvement towards providing quality services and meaningful client engagement.

Calapac Team

Narayanmoorthy S.


Narayanmoorthy Sundaresan is a hard core professionalized entrepreneur in the Corporate Business Services( initially starting with Office Automation, moving on to SME Computerisation, Enterprise Information Management in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Far East Regions. He has a successful track record spanning over three decades two of which have been in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Initiative encompassed Bespoke Application Software Development, Project Oriented Implementation of Vertical Market Solution facilitated by proprietary Intellectual Property and Staff Augmentation solely for the Information Technology. This included provision of IT Staff to HK Government Departments. The Formidable Social and Business Network that he leverages brings an Unique Advantage and provides strategic differentiation especially for the Business involving Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Sheetal Pawar Shinde

Business Operations Manager

Instrumental in planning, organizing and running the company’s operations. This includes setting up standard operating procedures and Risk and control management to mention a few things. Sheetal has over 5 years of experience spanning from Human Resources, managing Client Engagements, Vendor Management and engaged in Business and Process Management.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources and is currently pursuing M.S in Information Systems Management from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.