Career Architects Limited’s Talent Management Approach provides for Cutting Edge Process that brings the Direct Equation between Productivity Gains and Profitability Enhancement. We offer professional training and mentoring modules on:

  • Competency Based Management (CBM)
  • Leadership development
  • Personal Effectiveness Presentation & communication skills
  • Mayers and Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

For us at Career Architects Limited (CAL) Talent Management Process begins with Precise Recognition of the Organisation’s Business Strategy for the Current and future Time Frame. CAL believes and works on the philosophy that “Well Begun is Half Done” and this is evident in the Effective Support for Recruitment provided by us. This is followed up with the relentless pursuit of perfection all through the process and repeating this.

It continues with recognising the gaps in the talent of the existing team and that which is required for the achievement of the Business Goals. There is commitment to bridge the gap to align the talent with Organisation’s Strategic Business Vision.

Early Gains of Effectiveness of Hiring to be sustained throughout the entire career map for the Executive. This can be achieved only when the Individual and the Team Goals are congruent and aligned with that of the Organisation, and when there is consistent emphasis on Retention through metrics based measurement, and A Transparent and Fair Performance based Reward Framework that allows for merit based Growth in the Organisational hierarchy and Rightly placed Team Building, Bond enhancing Off-site Breaks.

Ongoing identification of training needs not only to promote effectiveness in the current role but also for the preparedness for subsequent roles in the career map for the Executive.